How are we different?

Some churches are selective about who may join. Or they may make it hard for some people to join in good conscience through statements such as, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” In our community, no matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome in our church.

Some churches are creedal: you are required to subscribe to a statement of beliefs before you can be in fellowship with the church. Instead, we are a covenantal church. Our agreement is to support one another as we grow in faith, with the Scriptures as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our inspiration.

Some people have the notion that church is for the already-perfect; since none of us is perfect, then people in churches must be hypocrites. We don’t claim to be perfect! Each of us is on a journey in faith, and none of us is in a position to judge others.



The men’s fellowship holds an annual food drive to support Spooner House. The drive begins at the annual Spaghetti Dinner in September and will culminate in October, with the annual Harvest Lunch after Church. The Lunch will feature homemade soups and bread provided by Men’s Fellowship. We ask that people attending the lunch bring a salad or a dessert.

Thank you for your participation in the drive. Please make sure your food donation has a reasonable shelf life. We cannot accept homemade or open items.

Items that Spooner House is looking for include: Canned Soups, Stews, Chili, Tuna, Chicken, Meat/Spam, Pasta Sauce, Corned Beef Hash, Peanut Butter, Jam/Jelly, Potatoes, Beans, and Fruit.

Boxed items include: Mac and Cheese, Rice, Pasta, Instant Potatoes, Cereal, Oatmeal, Coffee and Tea.

People wishing to make a cash donation can send a check directly to Spooner House, at 30 Todd Road, Shelton CT 06484. Please inform Bill More that you have made a cash donation so that we can gauge the success of our drive. Thank you.

Columbus House Outreach Cooking Schedule 2017-2018

Once again, we must thank all our committees for cooking and serving at Columbus House. This ministry of our church happens on the Sunday before the third Monday of every month. Henry Gates has been so generous in shopping every month so that all we need to do is cook on Sunday and serve on Monday! Each committee chairman will receive by email or snail mail instructions and directions approximately 10 days before they are to cook and serve. The following committees are scheduled for September Through August:

  • Monday, October 15  |  Christian Education: Boy Scouts will be helping
  • Monday, November 19  |  Christian Service
  • Monday, December 17  |  Music
  • Monday, January 14  |  Garden Ad Hoc
  • Monday, February 18  |  Hospitality
  • Monday, March 18  |  Troop 907 Boy Scouts
  • Monday, April 15  |  Church Council
  • Monday, May 13  |  Deacons
  • Monday, June 17  |  Trustees
  • Monday, July 15  |  Men’s Fellowship
  • Monday, August 19  |  Open to Volunteers

Jesse Hubbard, Coordinator