Meeting House Restoration

Table of Contents



Meetinghouse Repair Explanation  02/05/17

Plaster Survey Report  12/27/16

GNCB Summary Report  12/09/16

Historic Restoration Fund Grant Submission  12/16/16

Restoration January Update  01/15/17

Formation of a Restoration Committee  02/19/17

Restoration Update March   #2   03/25/17

CHRO Compliance Notice to Bidder06/02/2017

Request for Proposal   08/01/2017   

Restoration August Update  08/21/2017

Bidding Document Package:

16116 First Church of Christ Woodbridge - Construction Documents 11.02.2017_Signed and Sealed.pdf

16116 Project Manual First Church of Christ Woodbridge.02 NOV 17.pdf

Bid Form.pdf


List of Subcontractors.pdf

Statement of Bidders Qualifications.pdf

Report of the Committee 12/15/2017